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Magrada Organic Cosmetics

Daily Essentials Gift Set For Men

Daily Essentials Gift Set For Men

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A different approach to men’s world – natural primeval components create a light and contemporary product line for gentle care! The Daily Essentials gift set includes an oak shampoo (250 ml), a solid shampoo (58 g), and an oak shower gel (250 ml).

The fragrance is derived from the blossoms of the evergreen shrub Osmanthus, the aroma is fresh and exquisite. The bush is also known as devilwood, because its smell is nothing less than tempting. Soft, woody, sensual, milky and leathery notes emerge from the fragrance notes.

  • Oak root extract has natural antimicrobial properties, soothing irritated and swollen skin.
  • Dandelion extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation effect on the skin.
  • Aloe extract promotes wound healing, moisturizes, refreshes, is anti-inflammatory, soothes, softens irritation and protects the skin.

PS! The set is not in a separate gift box.

paraben-free / silicone-free / vegan / alcohol-free / EU allergen-free / cruelty-free / handcrafted / minimal ingredients

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